Why you should book a “Fall Heating System Start-Up” visit:
  • Prevent reactive, costly, “no heat” service calls later in the heating season.
  • Plan and budget for preventative maintenance issues. (If any equipment needs repairs, we’ll provide you with a written estimate.)
  • Enter the heating season with lower risk of heating system malfunction by inspecting, tagging, and starting the heating systems properly.
  • Avoid dangerous leaking fumes due to clogged flue pipes and heat exchanger failures.


Our new online credit card payment feature!! Customers can now pay off an invoice or pay for a service 24/7 via our website's new online payment feature.  And Coming Soon:  a service list option allowing you to prepay for services like installations, fall/winter start-ups, and preventive maintenance!



  • All Phases Mechanical offers annual preventative maintenance (PM) packages
    for homes and businesses. PM, including changing filters, is key to maintaining low energy costs.

  • We can assist you with natural gas and
    Cool Smart rebates & tax credits.

  • You could save up to 30-60% on your gas and electric bills by using a 2-stage gas valve furnace with an ECM motor (variable speed blower) at a 95% gas furnace efficiency rating. That means that for every $1 you spend, 95 cents goes directly into heating your home and only 5 cents is wasted out the flue pipe! (We also have a 98% gas furnace line.)

  • We have over 27 years in custom-designing HVAC systems.

  • The All Phases Mechanical team includes plumbers, electricians, and sheet metal mechanics - over and above our standard HVAC guys.

Here’s a recent 5-star rating from a satisfied customer, Geoffrey Levis:

“All Phases Mechanical installed a complete AC system and new furnace at Levis & Sons Gulf Station without problems. The service, product, and employees were wonderful the whole time. Whether it’s a hot summer day or a cold New England snowstorm, we at Levis & Sons Gulf maintain a perfect temperature. [They’re] highly recommended to anyone needing a HVAC system installed or fixed.”


We've been providing installation and service for heating and air conditioning to New England residents and businesses for over twenty five years. No job is too big or too small for our team to tackle. We drive new business by ensuring the loyalty and success of all our customers - one at a time.  We sell, install and service (7 days a week, 24 hours a day):  

Email:  Office@AllPhasesMechanical.com

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